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Access Control

Electronic access control

Dishsat Electronics’ Access Control gives you maximum control over the traffic flow of both customers and employees into your business. No matter the size or industry type, keeping important data inside your company and threats outside your company are critical for business operations. Dishsat Electronics’ broad range of electronic access control solutions help ensure that only the right people have access to your facilities. This is usually linked to your armed response and/or alarm system so that in the event of a problem, you have immediate backing.

Dishsat Electronics has the latest generation of industry leading access control and biometric access control security systems that offer powerful advances in digital video management, smart card applications, biometric integration and open IT systems.

Access control systems can cater for virtually an unlimited number of users, with proximity cards, uniquely encoded key ring tags or biometrics (fingerprint readers)

Biometric access control readers

Biometric access control readers provide increased security by assessing and identifying a person’s unique body feature. Biometrics combine the security of using a cardholders badge or PIN in conjunction with a biometric template. Our biometric solutions offer fast and accurate access control.

Smart cards

We offer a two-in-one solution that combines a biometric device and smart card reader, using standard non-contact smart card technology. Fingerprint or hand geometry templates are captured during enrolment and directly written to a smart card chip.

Logical access

Enterprise access cards consolidate employee credentials onto a single, secure smart card providing photo ID as well as a security device that enables secure windows and network login, PC ‘locking’, secure remote access (VPN), secure e-mail with digital signatures and single sign-on to your enterprise and desktop applications. Employees can also access buildings and other facilities with the same card for a truly consolidated security solution.

Technical specifications and capabilities

  • Access control systems are networkable
  • Each cardholder can be assigned unique access security levels
  • Cardholder locations can be tracked to prevent two people from sharing a card
  • Cards can be programmed with specific lock-out times
  • Access control systems can be integrated with time and attendance software packages

Advantages of having access control:

  • Helps deter, detect and document access in and out of your facilities.
  • Minimizes loss from burglary, theft and inventory shrinkage.
  • Reduces risk of work place violence, harassment and premise liability.
  • Improves workplace safety for employees and customers.
  • A broad range of solutions to suit any size or type of business.
  • State-of-the-art technology.

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