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Electric Fencing

Are You Looking to Install Electric Fencing? Do You Want Great Service and Exceptional Quality? Good, because Nobody Installs Electric Fencing like Dishsat Electronics!

Dishsat Electronics is a distributor of most Electric Fencing products. Some of the brands that we distribute are JVA and Stafix, the Roboguard Wireless Perimeter Beams and CP PLUS.

We are a South African owned Company that is committed to providing our customer base with a choice of quality range of imported and locally-manufactured products that meet your security requirements.

We have a number of strategically positioned sales and service outlets throughout Gauteng, so that we offer you fast and efficient sales and repair service. Further, we have access to an extensive network of accredited installers throughout South Africa should you require your electric fencing system installed and/or repaired.

Dishsat Electronics installs electric fences throughout South Africa for:

  • Homes;
  • Townhouse complexes.
  • Cluster developments.
  • Businesses, big and small.
  • Farms and small holding plots
  • Game Reserves.

Why have it:

  • Barrier to entry, making your property unappealing to intruders.
  • Effective protection through a high voltage shock.
  • Early detection with an audible alarm and visible strobe light.
  • Direct link to your armed response company.
  • Peace of mind.

Price Estimates:

  • 6 Strand/Lines Wall Top Installed Per Meter – R350 per meter.
  • 8 Strand/Lines Wall Top Installed Per Meter – R460 per meter.
  • 10 Strand/Lines Wall Top Installed Per Meter – R580 per meter.
  • 12 Strand/Lines Wall Top Installed Per Meter – R700 per meter.
  • 21 Strand/Lines 2.4 Meters Free Standing Installed Per Meter – R1,720 per meter.
  • 30 Strand/Lines 3.0 Meters Free Standing Installed Per Meter – R2,760 per meter.

These are standard guidelines only. Final quotation will be made available after a site visit to determine the actual material and labour hours required depending on the structure to be secured.

How it works:

The energizer is the brain of the electric fence. When an intruder touches or cuts the wires, the energizer sends a high voltage electrical shock, and the system will alert you of the intruder.

Dishsat Electronics installs a range of energizers specifically paired to your property’s security requirements, from a family home with a single-zoned fence, to a large business or housing development with multiple zones, networks and large fence systems.

Our products are top quality, and we repair and maintain your fence.

Our installation has power surge protection, as well as lightning protection, and internal battery backup. You can control your fence with a remote control, keypad or via magnetic strips.

Advantages of using Dishsat Electronics:

  • Personalized expert advice and designs to solve your particular requirement.
  • Expert Technical advice with 24-Hour turnaround time.
  • A comprehensive range of electric fencing products to meet your security, wildlife, agriculture or equestrian requirements.
  • Exclusive distributor of a wide range of wireless perimeter beams and accessories.
  • Several years of experience in the business.

Our efficient and capable management team together with our competent workforce and streamlined infrastructure ensures you get a high quality Electric Fence installed to best industry standards in the most reasonable time possible. We guarantee you a hassle and stress free experience that is second to none.

The security for your family or business starts with the wall of your property. Relax in your garden with your family and friends without anxiety or fear. Use the safety of your business premises as a selling point. Give your employees the security to perform their duties, day or night. Install an electric fence today!

FAST MOVER BONUS: Confirm your order within the same day of receiving your quotation and you will qualify for an additional 5% discount off the quoted LABOUR price! T&C’s apply.

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